Oracle VM supported with OpenStack, now available

Hey buddies!

Recently I been involved on a talk about how to keep DB Oracle inside cloud infrastructure without affect licensing model where we´re struggled (as company) with all this; just ask to all Cloud IT vendors and you clarify this. They prefer not to mention within clients sometimes… But early this year Oracle has released 3.3 version of “Oracle VM Server” supporting an OpenStack cloud distribution, finally! We hope to get this deeply.


"Oracle supports Oracle VM with its OpenStack technology preview distribution of the open source cloud software, giving enterprise cloud implementers the option to test the use of Oracle's hypervisor as the basis for a virtualized database system in a private cloud setting, according to Oracle's announcement July 2",  informationweek website mention.

In the other hand this support will cover Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Premier Support at no additional cost, which sounds perfect for all we worked selling Open & Private clouds and of course we’re pleased to continue the Oracle tradition of translating our enterprise experience into community contributions as we’ve done with Linux and Xen. By adding this distribution to Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, Oracle can provide integrated support for all components in the stack including applications, database, middleware, guest OS, host OS, virtualization, and OpenStack and servers – storage also.

Oracle’s OpenStack technology distribution is available and can be download, but (there is little but) the website show a warning, “Our technical support organization will not provide technical support, phone support, or updates to you”, this version offered is not ready for production systems, yet. A shame but finally this one step.

Well, it´s just to wait a little more…